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Dalbeattie Food

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T.H. Carson butchers

Award-winning quality With national awards for many of our products, including our haggis, scotch pies, steak and haggis pies, and our beef sausages, why wouldn’t you come get a truckload? All of our staff take the utmost care to ensure flavour is preserved and consistency is a key value to us, so you can always be sure to get that local fresh tasty-goodness!

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Neilson Bros butcher

family run butcher providing quality service and meat at reasonable prices.

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Kinnairds Supermarket

With access to over 2000 Co-op product lines and, of course, all your branded favourites, E Kinnaird & Son has your local shopping needs covered. Our wide selection of offers changes every 3 weeks, so there is always a great reason to come back to E Kinnaird & Son in Dalbeattie at The Cross. By shopping with us today you will be supporting the local community as Nisa Partners fund local causes, from sales of own brand products in stores, with the help of our Making a Difference Locally (MADL) charity.

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Londis 286-292 High Street

Pop down today to Londis, your local Londis convenience store at Dalbettie for a wide range of everyday essentials including confectionery, beers, wines and spirits, top up grocery items, fresh produce and food to go. With flexible opening hours, friendly independent Retailers and great deals on big brand products in Dalbettie, we have everything you need conveniently on your doorstep.

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Roan's Dairy

FREE RANGE MILK With over 6 generations of farming knowledge you could say we know a thing or two about our cows. We know that the more care and attention we give our cows, the better the milk tastes! DOORSTEP MILK & CREAM DELIVERIES What could be better than local, fresh milk and cream delivered straight to your doorstep? Once, twice or three times a week, you can choose how regularly you want us to call. If you’d like to join the growing numbers of businesses that stock and serve our milk and cream products just give us a call on 01556 620374 or complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

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Cooperative Foodstore

Co-op Food is a brand used for the food retail business of The Co-operative Group in the United Kingdom. Prior to reintroducing the brand in 2016, the group used "The Co-operative" branding, which is still used by a number of consumers' co-operative societies in the UK. Other societies use their own branding.

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MFG Londis at Esso petrol station

Convenience store in the petrol station

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