Heart-Cleft Stane on Mountain Bike Trail1 View from Barclosh Hill looking North2 View to Hestan Isle from Rockcliffe Castle Point Walk3 View of Screel from Rockcliffe Castle Point Walk4 Castle Point Bay5 Cutchers Isle on the Rockcliffe to Sandyhills Coastal Path6 Doach Wood7 Gavin's Loch on Munches Hills8 Looking over Dalbeattie from Munches Hill9 River Urr at the Motte of Urr10 Walk through the woods to Kippford or Colvend11 Walk round Plantain Loch12 Munches Hills in the snow13 River Urr at Palnackie14 View towards Palnackie from Moyle Hill15 Standing Stones in Town Wood car park16 Orchardton Tower17
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